Rocky Road to Design

Last few weeks have really been rocky. According to my proposal, I was set to design an API of GTG for the service plug-ins. I read several articles, watched awesome lectures on API design. As I started to learn more and more about APIs, I came to realize my project doesn’t need one. Instead what would really simplify the life of GTG service plug-ins’ developers (hopefully you) would be to just create wrapper functions for (generally RESTful) API of online service and leave the rest of the implementation details to us.

GTG service framework diagram
GTG service framework diagram

​So, I came up with above rough design and resolved the conflicting ideas in my mind, which were slowing me down, with my mentor Nimit. He has been really helpful in resolving my conflicts and providing me a line of thought on approach.

Now, I have been busy implementing service plug-ins so that I can sense the pattern of several API (esp. RTM & GTask, Todoist) out there, which probably would be following the best industry practices. This would help me to decide the design choices for Service Engine.

Moreover, in news, Todoist silently released v5 (directly from v2) of its API along with its apps’ updates.

I’ll be posting again as soon as substantial amount of work is completed.

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