return “Hello GUADEC!”

It’s been a week after my first GUADEC and I hope you haven’t got sick of the overwhelming amount of post-GUADEC posts ūüôā

Getting Things Gnome!

It was really weird to see that Getting Things Gnome! had little or no presence at GUADEC, considering it has two GSoC projects. So I tried to squeeze in some bits and pieces of what’s going on in our application in my intern lightning talk, maybe making the talk a bit vague and long.


I am really impressed to see how Gnome as an open-source organization has evolved and focused on usability testing, security, privacy, quality assurance and even on the emotional aspects of software development like awesome release video. Gnome community is welcoming and I never felt like a newcomer. I would like to contribute to the core modules this winter and be active on the engagement team.


I attended/session-chaired a mixture of technical and non-technical talks, but the best part was to meet & know the people whom I identified just by their IRC nicks. I had a great time with my mentor Nimit. He helped me to get acquainted with the dynamics of an open-source organization and introduced me to many Gnome contributors.

  • The talk I admired the most was “Where has all the Python gone?” by John Stowers. It may be due to my biases, but it touched the same point for Python as a language that I feel for GTG as an app.
  • Though I was¬†sceptical about the process of usability testing, I hope we would use the data to redesign the specific apps in next iteration.
  • Matthew Garrett’s keynote on “Why do we do desktops?” was rosy and motivating but the toughest part I believe would be to co-ordinate and collaborate towards the abstract goals, across all the applications.
  • I am also excited for Builder, a new IDE for GNOME.

Though I was a passive participant in a few BoFs, they were quite informative. I was amazed to see how Benjamin literally played with the GTK using CSS.

Volunteering was fun except on 25th. On 25th, I got so exhausted setting up chairs in White Room after 19 hours all-nighter (layover) in Paris that I got late to the Pre-registration event and just slept afterwards.


FEC was nice & convenient place to stay: within walking distance of Epitech (the venue) and near the iconic cathedral of Strasbourg. First few days, the GTG team, comprising Nimit, Parin & I, explored the city in the evenings after the talks.Reasons to like France Unlike the popular belief, French were nice to the English speakers. I am thankful to Alexandre for welcoming us and making our stay enjoyable at Strasbourg. Alexandre helped the interns, including me, a lot, to understand Strasbourg and its functioning. Apart from the pleasing environment of Strasbourg, I loved the idea behind the light show of the Strasbourg Cathedral. Instead of maintaining the cosmetic beauty of the cathedral, they embraced its structural beauty and highlighted it with beautiful storytelling during the tourist season, brilliant!

I thank the Gnome Foundation to partially sponsor my travel and accommodation. Also, special thanks to Tobias who expedite my invitation letter else I just couldn’t attend GUADEC in first place.sponsored-badge-simple

Hope to see you all at Gothenburg, next year.

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