Multi-monitor Magic!

Nuancier is a Python Flask voting application for the supplementary wallpapers included in Fedora releases. This season, I’m working with awesome mentors Pierre-Yves Chibon & Ralph Bean to solve the design constraint that doesn’t let users with multi-monitor setup to take advantage of these high resolution wallpapers such that they can set different parts of the wallpaper on different monitors without breaking its continuity. GNOME Shell, my favourite desktop environment and so does Fedora’s, just allows to set different images on different screens but it can’t split a single large resolution wallpaper to be displayed continuously on multiple screens of same resolution, let alone different resolutions, like

High-res wallpaper displayed continuously on dual monitors with different resolution
Multi-monitor manga 

Now, this wallpaper has been carefully split by the user according to its multi-monitor setup. So, a download widget will be created with multiple cropping windows like

Download widget's mockup
Download widget’s mockup

such that users can easily segment & download parts of the wallpaper in multiple sizes without compromising the continuity of the image across various different or same sized monitors. Moreover this solution doesn’t even require the wallpapers to be curated for multi-monitor.

After reading the documentation & exploring the code, I have been tinkering with different ways to crop the image locally using JavaScript, HTML Canvas or jQuery plugin. I’ll soon start working on the download widget template.

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