Multiple cropping overlays on the fly

I have completed basic implementation of dynamically created multiple cropping overlays. Add Screen can add multiple overlays simultaneously adjacent to one another. These overlays can then be moved according to the multi-monitor setup.

Multi-cropping overlays

I had to consistently refer documentation for jQuery & JavaScript, unlike Python. While debugging, an error in fedmenu was annoying along with the errors in my own code, so I sent a PR. Next, I’ll polish the user interface like displaying warning, add global resize buttons and implement the cropping itself.

3 thoughts on “Multiple cropping overlays on the fly”

  1. First cool to see you progressing on the task and it looks so far pretty.

    But there is one point, where I think you have to watch, if you look to your picture above what would happen if I would add another monitor? There is only space for this two, so adding another one would mean it doesnt fit or the image had to be scaled up, what isnt a good idea because of the quality.

    Point is I will have to accept different sizes on the upload side, like a stitched for to small monitors up to the biggest size.

    So I think the monitor setup has to be selected first, then you can decide which wallpaper can be offered for it and then offer the crop window, where you would not need then an “add monitor” button anymore.

    But that is still implementable and more a design task. So speak to me for it, my mail you already have 🙂

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